Understanding Rent Trucks Easy fares

Depending on the city where you ride with Rent Trucks Easy , trip fares may be calculated upfront or immediately after rides end. Here’s how these two types of fares work.

Upfront Fares
With upfront pricing, you know the exact cost of your trip before requesting. This fare includes (but is not limited to) a base rate, rates for estimated time and distance of the route, and the current demand for rides in the area of the city where you’re requesting a ride. A booking fee and any applicable surcharges, fees, and tolls are also calculated and included in your fare.
When you request a ride, you agree to be charged the upfront fare when the trip ends. Please note your fare may increase if you travel to a different destination, make extra stops along the route, or the trip takes significantly longer than expected. If an upfront fare is not honored, you will either be charged the minimum fare or a fare based on the measured time and distance for your trip, including any applicable base fare, booking fee, surcharges, tolls, and other relevant factors such as a dynamic pricing charge. You’ll always receive a receipt for any trip fare. If your fare is different than the upfront fare you agreed to, your receipt will detail why.

Post-Trip Fare
Some cities do not provide upfront fares. Instead, you’re charged either a minimum fare or a fare based on the time and distance for your trip’s route, including a base fare, booking fee, surcharges, tolls, and other relevant factors such as dynamic pricing when demand for rides is high in the area of the city where you’re requesting a ride. Fares may vary by location, the vehicle option you select, and other factors.

Getting a Fare Estimate
You can get a sense of how much a trip may cost by using your app’s fare estimate feature. Fare estimates don’t include discounts or promotions that may be applied to your fare.
Estimates are helpful but not guaranteed. Your actual fare may vary due to traffic, weather, or other applicable surcharges and adjustments. Some variation in time and distance is normal. Additionally, the suggested route may not exactly match the route on which the estimate is based.

Additional Charges
Additional charges may be added to your trip fare if your driver has to wait for you for more than two minutes or your route includes tolls, airport surcharges, or other fees. Depending on the charge and location, these additional charges may be retained by your driver, paid by your driver to Rent Trucks Easy or passed through to the airport or other third parties.
A toll charge added to your fare may not match the exact amount paid. Some cities charge tolls at a commercial rate. Other toll charges are estimates.
You may be charged a surcharge for airport pickups and dropoffs. Other fees may be charged by partner-drivers for certain services. For example, venue parking fees and long return trips from a destination may both be charged to the rider.

Additional city charges
Some charges are specific to the city you’re in. These may include tolls, surcharges, and any other fees associated with the city.

Local toll pass rates paid during a trip can be added to your trip fare automatically.

Depending on the charge and city, this amount may be paid by you or passed to other parties. When you pay a surcharge, this is reflected in your statement.

Do riders need to pay tolls?
Toll plazas and other road surcharges are typically encountered on bridge and tunnel crossings, highways, and around airports.
When the vehicle you’re riding in is charged a toll during your trip, this amount is automatically added to your trip fare. In some cases, if your trip requires a driver to travel beyond city limits, you may be charged for a toll paid by the driver when returning to the city after arriving at your final destination.
We suggest that drivers mount an e-pass in their vehicle to move through toll plazas quickly. As a rider, you should never be asked to pay a toll during a trip.
Please note that the toll charge added to your trip fare may not exactly match the amount paid by your driver. In some cities, tolls are charged at commercial rates, regardless of the amount actually paid. Due to fluctuations in toll prices as set by cities, other toll charges may reflect an estimate intended to be as fair as possible.