My driver didn’t start or end my trip on time

If the map in your trip receipt or history shows a different pickup location, route, or destination, please let us know. We’ll review and make any necessary fare adjustments.

If possible, provide exact addresses or street intersections.

My driver stopped mid-trip

Rent Trucks Easy trip fares are calculated by time and distance. When you’re on a trip, we understand that you wouldn’t expect the driver to make unplanned or unrequested stops along the way.

If your driver made a stop during this trip that increased your fare or travel time, we will be happy to review. Provide some info below.

My driver took a poor route

If you have concerns about the route your driver took, let us know here. We’ll be happy to review.

Trip fares are calculated including both distance and time, as well as other applicable charges.

Please keep in mind that if events outside your driver’s control (such as traffic or road construction) impact your route and travel time, we may not be able to provide a fare adjustment.

Cancellation Fees

Ride requests should only be made when you’re ready to ride and near the pickup location. This enables drivers to operate efficiently on the Rent Trucks Easy platform. Sometimes you may wish to cancel a ride request after it has been accepted by a driver.

While the Rent Trucks Easy pp allows you to cancel anytime, a cancellation fee may be charged. The cancellation fee amount differs ranges from $5 to $10. This fee is intended to compensate driver-partners for time and effort spent heading toward a pickup location.

A ride request can be cancelled free of charge for up to 2-5 minutes after your initial request.

If your driver is running more than 5 minutes behind the provided ETA, you can cancel the ride request without incurring a cancellation fee.

If you feel you have unjustly received a cancellation fee, please visit Trips and Fare Review > I was charged a cancellation fee. We’re happy to review and make adjustments as necessary.

Please note that Rent Trucks Easy places a temporary authorization hold on your payment method for the upfront trip fare. This will show up as a “pending” charge in your account. In the event the trip is cancelled, the authorization hold is immediately voided. Depending on your bank’s policy, this may take a few days to disappear. This is not a cancellation charge and will disappear when the void is processed.

Does Rent Trucks Easy adjust fares for heavy traffic?

Trip time and route distance can be impacted by heavy traffic, road construction, or other external factors. We are unable to adjust fares that are higher than usual due to any of these reasons.

Rent Trucks Easy fares are calculated in part by a base fare + time and distance rates. A trip can be longer than expected due to events beyond your driver’s control. This can contribute to a trip fare higher than your app’s fare estimate or a previous fare for a similar route.

We do our best to help riders and drivers get where they’re going as quickly and safely as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding that fares may vary.