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Do you have a truck or
a pickup truck?

So start making easy money with transportation rentals.

Rent Trucks Easy is an app that allows you to rent a private pickup truck in case you need to move your stuff from a place to another.

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Need Something Moved?

Rent a truck with a driver for helping you to do the job for you and stop worrying about gas, insurance and returning the vehicle!

It doesn’t matter if your truck is too small or too big.

There are millions of people that need you to move something around.

Become a Driver

You can work with your truck in your spare time or even anytime you want.

Make Extra Income!

You can work with your truck in your spare time or even anytime you want. All you need to do is Download the app and Register.

How Much Can You Earn?

Working with the Rent Trucks Easy you start earning around 72% or even 80% from every person you help.

Do the math

The average price you pay for a 10 mile delivery in a city such as Miami is $80. Which means, if you help 10 people in a single day you end up making an extra $600.

Business Club

We are compromised with your success. So we decided to keep a direct communication Chanel with our drivers with tips & videos, so you can earn more and more each day with our business platform.

Our Drivers

Soon we are going to expand throughout the whole country. But for us the most important goal is to grow supporting and being supported by responsible and motivated drivers focused on our business platform.

What are you waiting for?

Download the app now!

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